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Happy Place

fred films • Chris Bennett



Boo-yah! It's an all new Happy Place adventure!

...And it gets even better.


10 artists, 10 stories, 1 theme! It can only be…

I’ve joined forces with 9 amazing artist pals to create a comic book anthology that is absolutely FILLED with unique stories all centred around a shared theme:

Volume #1 is all about FRIENDSHIP!

What started out as a small fun idea to scratch a creative itch quickly spiralled out of control into a huge effort from everyone that came together so wonderfully into something very, very special. We’re super proud of this 60 page treasure trove and excited to share it with you! 

My contribution is - of course! - a full 12 page Happy Place adventure! A new, original story that sees Bailey, Fridge and Mr. Coltrane return.

But there’s SOOO much more here! Some stories are silly and funny, while others are tender and heartfelt.

This is ISSUE ONE. You're getting in on the ground floor... and we’re just getting started!






Happy Place Cereal Box.png

Boo-yah! Make your own
Super Fruity Happy Crunch 

cereal box!

'Moon Rock Crunch'

Original Storyboards

Happy Place 01.png
Happy Place 02.png
Happy Place 03.png
Happy Place 04.png
Happy Place 05.png
Happy Place 06.png
Happy Place 07.png
Happy Place 08.png
Happy Place 09.png
Happy Place 10.png
Happy Place 11.png
Happy Place 12.png
Happy Place 13.png
Happy Place 14.png
Happy Place 15.png
Happy Place 16.png
Happy Place 17.png
Happy Place 18.png
Happy Place 19.png
Happy Place 21.png
Happy Place 20.png
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